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Iranian Saffron, Spain and Afghan Saffron

Saffron premier

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Supply Chain Management & Export Management Company
Global Trade Management Services
Import Operations
Export Operations
International Trade Compliance and Consulting
Humban facilitate Global trade by working as import/export (EXIM) and Brokerage. also help clients tackle complex trade with working as trade consultant/ compliance expert, customs clearance broker and freight forwarder and Supply chain Management (SCM).

Humban Premium Pistachio USA Pistachio Iran Pistachio Humban Nuts

Who is Humban?

Humban is a business group created by female entrepreneurs (She Trades). Women in international trade have equality and unity at the top of their agenda. In Humban , We provide specialized & up-to-date Trading services to businesses using knowledge, experience and insight.

Humban (Umban, also Khumban or Huban, Хумпан, Jumban, in Persian هومبان or هومبن) is the Elamite God of the Sky. His Sumerian equivalent is Anu. Several Elamite kings, mostly from the Neo-Elamite period, were named in honour of Khumban. In the Mesopotamian mythology, Humban was perceived as Huwawa/Humbaba, the guardian of the Cedar Forest in the Epic of Gilgamesh. This development, however, is to be considered separately from the Elamian god Humban. for more information visit About us.

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