Ahmad Aghaei (Long Pistachio)

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio Extra-long

Packaging : 10kg | 25kg | 50kg

This shape of pistachios is called as AHMAD AGHAEI that is one of the LONG types. The most common characteristic to identify this type is the shape which is long but the size of its length is different. In addition to coarseness and size, this type of pistachios is different from others regarding to having bony white shell and different taste.

It’s also available in 22/24 – 24/26 – 26/28 sizes.

Pistachios varieties

Specifications of Ahmad Aghaei

Pistachios, which many of us have known and loved, are the delicious tree nut, Pistachios were popular for thousands of years in middle east where they grow and Nowadays, they have spread through-out the world and are used in all sorts of different cuisines and dishes, from entrees to desserts like ice cream.

Pistachio is known as the “smiling nut” in Iran and the “happy nut” in China.

Pistachios are a great source of healthy fats, fiber, protein, antioxidants and various nutrients, including vitamin B6 and potassium.

Ahmad Aghaei is another type of Long Iranian pistachios. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is bigger and thicker than Fandoghi Pistachio and has a great taste. This type of pistachio is the most common.

The detailed specifications of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio is shown in the table below:

TypeNaturally Opened
FlavorRaw, Roasted, Roasted and Salted
SmellNaturally pistachio’s aroma without foreign odor
Total size22-24, 24-26, 26-28, 28-30, 30-32
Regular size26-28, 28-30
For raw pistachio5-7%
For Roasted & Salted pistachio2-3%
Shelf Life and Storage Condition24 month, Keep in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight
Harvesting timeSeptember & October
Chemical/Artificial AdditivesNo, completely natural and healthy, GMO Free, Gluten-Free
Packing type in bulk10kg Vacuumed carton, 25kg, 50kg pp bags
Consumer Packingfrom 100g to 1000g in different kind of packing

Applications of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

Pistachios used directly as a snack or mixed with other nuts, also they can be used as a great super healthy ingredient in foods recipes, confectionery, bakery, different desserts, Ice cream and etc.

This shape of pistachios is called as AHMAD AGHAEI that is one of the LONG types. The most common characteristic to identify this type is the shape which is long but the size of its length is different. In addition to coarseness and size, this type of pistachios is different from others regarding to having bony white shell and different taste.


  • Prevents Cancer
    • Pistachios and pistachio pastes are rich in a type of vitamin E called gamma tocopherol. This vitamin has been shown to reduce your risk of cancer, especially that of the prostate and lungs. Pistachios also carry resveratrol, which has antioxidant properties that are thought to prevent cancer.
  • Treats Inflammation
    • Chronic inflammation can be responsible for several conditions like arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and even asthma. Certain antioxidants like flavonoids and phenols that are contained in the skin and kernels of roasted pistachios are anti-inflammatory in nature and be used to treat inflammation.
  • Reduces the High Blood Pressure in Type II Diabetes Patients
    • High-fiber nuts like pistachios are recommended for an anti-diabetes diet. They not only help manage diabetes but also reduce the stress exerted on the heart of the individuals with type II diabetes.
  • Lowers Cholesterol
    • The “healthy cholesterol” level of pistachios (HDL) can reduce the “bad cholesterol”(LDL) levels and reduce risk of heart disease. Pistachios are also high in fiber, another nutrient that’s known for regulating cholesterol levels in your heart.
  • Nervous system
    • The high levels of Vitamin B6 in pistachios help in the formation of amino acids. Amino acid, in turn develops amines that act as neurotransmitters. Vitamin B6 also synthesizes myelin, which forms an insulating cover around the nerve fiber for proper transportation of signals. Pistachio also produces serotonin, melatonin and GABA, which help to reduce stress. It also contains trace amounts of copper, which is responsible for neurotransmission.
  • Keeps Bones Healthy
    • The benefits of pistachios pastes extend to the bones. They have a surprisingly high content of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. There’s even some vitamin K, which is crucial for bone health. These nutrients strengthen bones and prevent bone-related diseases.
  • Promotes Eye Health
    • Carotenoids are usually associated with orange fruits and veggies. But pistachios also have these advantages! They’re packed with two carotenoids called lutein and zeaxanthin. In fact, pistachios have the highest level of carotenoids than any other nuts. The antioxidant properties of lutein and zeaxanthin are powerful. They protect the eye tissue from phototoxicity or damage from the sun. It’s an important factor in preventing age-related macular degeneration.
  • Aids Weight Loss
    • If you’re looking to lose weight, it’s good to have a handful of pistachios every day, along with other tree nuts.
  • Promote Healthy Gut Bacteria
    • Pistachios are high in fiber, which is good for your gut bacteria. Eating pistachios may increase the number of bacteria that produce beneficial short-chain fatty acids like butyrate.
  • Pistachios Help Raise Red Blood Cell Count
    • Pistachios contain fair amounts of iron and substantial levels of copper, which is rarely discussed but very important factor determining iron absorption.

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio ( Long iranian Pistachios ) : This type of Pistachio (Long Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio) is one of the popular types. The reason why it is popular than the other type of pistachio is that it has the lightest shell color.  The color of the Pistachio shell is naturally light cream. However, Ahmadaghaie shell is brighter than the other types.  As it is clear from its name, it is one of the long shape types of pistachios.

Pistachios varieties

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio ( Long iranian Pistachios )

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio ( Long iranian Pistachios ) : This type of Pistachio (Long Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio) is one of the popular types. The reason why it is popular than the other type of pistachio is that it has the lightest shell color.  The color of the Pistachio shell is naturally light cream. However, Ahmadaghaie shell is brighter than the other types.  As it is clear from its name, it is one of the long shape types of pistachios.

A normal sort of Ahmadaghaee pistachio:

  • up to 7% moisture
  • Max 2% close mouth pistachios
  • Max 2.5% Semi-open pistachios

Farmers grow pistachios in provinces that have a proper climate for pistachios, such as KermanKhorasanYazdMarkazi or cities like Damghan.

The tree of this pistachio starts blooming in the first weeks of April. The harvest season for new crop is late September until Mid- October each year. So, we suggest booking your order for the new crop and contact us in the first weeks of September.

Our Pistachio customers are from all over the world. Such as Malaysia, India, China, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, etc. They import pistachios in shell mostly for direct use and mixing it with other nuts. This type is most popular in Asian Countries.

Humban Company is a  wholesaler, manufacturer (producer), supplier, and exporter of Pistachios. We supply below sizes of Long Pistachios:

  1. 24-26 pieces/ounce (pcs/oz)
  2. 26-28 pieces/ounce (pcs/oz)
  3. 28-30 pieces/ounce (pcs/oz)
  4. 30-32 pieces/ounce (pcs/oz)

We can offer all the above sizes in five forms:

  • Raw
  • Roasted and Salted
  • Roasted and Salted with lemon and saffron flavored
  • Only Roasted no salt
  • Salt Powdered

Producers categorize pistachios in two different types as well which is more technical:

  1. Naturally Open Pistachios: pistachios grow on trees. If farmers leave the pistachios on the tree so that their kernels grow enough to crack open the hard shell, it will be naturally opened. In other words without any outside force. So, in other words, the shell opens on its own as the pistachio nut grows. This type is more expensive than the Mechanically opened pistachios.
  2. Mechanically Opened Pistachios: if the farmers harvest the pistachios before their kernels mature enough to crack open the shells, their shell is closed. As a result, the kernels of this type are smaller than the first category. Then, producers with the help of machines and some Technics, open the shells mechanically.

We can supply 100% natural pistachios, or 100% mechanical pistachios. Also, we can supply a combination of both. it depends on the customer`s inquiry.

To Clarify, Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio ( Long iranian Pistachios ) is 3-5 Tons. It depends on the transportation form the customer chooses.

Packing weights, we supply are as below:

  • 50 kg Sack
  • 25 kg Sack
  • we can arrange other packing types per customer`s request


Exporters can load and ship Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio ( Long iranian Pistachios ) in 20 ft. and 40 ft. Dry containers. For your information we mentioned the loading capacity of containers as below:

  • 20 ft. Container: up to 13 Tons
  • 40 ft. Container: up to 25 Tons

Shelf life: One year after the production date.

Keeping condition: Users can keep these pistachios at room temperature. A room which has good air ventilation and it is free of dust. However, In our professional opinion, it is better to keep them in the Refrigerator which is cool (below 5 Centigrade) and dry with proper air ventilation.

Production Time: It depends on your needed quantity and packing type. So, It can vary between 15-25 working days.

For the Specification Report of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio ( Long iranian Pistachios ), please Contact Us. Also, please contact us if you have any questions regarding Ahmadaghaee Pistachio. 

What are the prominent features of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio (Iranian Long Pistachio)?

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is one of the most important commercial cultivars of Iranian pistachio along with Fandoghi cultivar. Features such as bright color shell, notably in combination with the large, delicious taste and vivid red color kernel, make Ahmad Aghaei popular pistachio cultivar around the world. We in Humban Group are proud to be one of the approved wholesalers of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (Iranian Long Pistachio) around the country.

The first introduction of Ahmad Aghaei cultivar to Iran

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio cultivar was evaluated and introduced as a new variety by a grower named Ahmad Agha Forootan first time in the town of Noogh located in Rafsanjan. It is predominantly cultivated as the main verity on a large scale throughout Rafsanjan and Sirjan towns on 90,000 hectares.

Why consumers love Ahmad Aghaei?​

Fandoghi and Ahmad Aghaei are considered the most important commercial pistachio cultivars of Iran. But the comparison of nut quality characteristics among four major Iranian commercial pistachio cultivars revealed the highest similarity between Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari. Since this variety is better adapted to climatic changes and can being compatible with various environments, it is grown by growers over a wide range of lands across the country. As previously mentioned, all special features of this Iranian pistachio cultivar including large and bright shells, and delicious red kernels, encourage customers to consume Ahmad Aghaei cultivar all around the world.

Some important specifications of Ahmad Aghaei variety

Nut ripening time: Middle
Nut weight (one ounce): 22-26/28.3 g.
Hull splitting: Presents
Nut shape: Almond
Shell color: White
Shell splitting location: abdominal is lower from dorsal
Shell splitting: 2.89 mm
Nut dropping at maturity: Present, it is very delicate and occurrence dropping proportion is relatively high

Let’s know more about the size of this tasty nut

Ahmad Aghaei nuts are considered as medium-sized nuts with an average number of 25 opened-shell pistachios per ounce. During the maturation period, the color of the hull is changing from green to vivid red. Nut shape is an elongated rectangle which resulting in dividing in Iranian long pistachios group. Also, the length to width ratio is 1.6.


Learning together more about Ahmad Aghaei trees

This cultivar has medium tree vigor and spreading growth habit. Indeed, it presents weak apical dominance compared to Fandoghi or Akbari cultivars. A comparison between Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari shows that the longitudinal growth in current-year shoots is slower for Ahmad Aghaei (long pistachio). In the following, inter-nodes length is longer and branches are thinner for Ahmad Aghaei. Furthermore, the Iranian long pistachio has more spherical and smaller flower buds than is observed for Akbari .

Charming stage

Beginning to bloom in Ahmad Aghaei is almost similar to Kale ghoochi and seems like an early flowering cultivar. Under Rafsanjan’s condition, the blooming will begin on 1 April and lasts for 13 days.

Beautiful leaves

Even though Ahmad Aghaei produces a higher number of both simple and three-leaflet compound leaves than Akbari ones, but leaf size is small. Moreover, it has a flattened spear-shaped terminal leaflet and short petioles length.

Kernel growing and Fruit ripening time

The maturity date of Ahmad Aghaei is on 25 June and the ripening time is at the beginning of September. Accordingly, it is an early maturity variety. The outer surface of the kernel is red-purple and the inner section is light green.

Nut and cluster specifications

The length of the cluster in Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari is identical, while cluster width is greater in the first variety. In the other words, Ahmad Aghaei has open nut clusters which resulting in having thinner ones too. Ahmad Aghaei produces a greater percentage of split nuts (an important commercial character) than Kale ghoochi or Fandoghi while maintaining a low rate of blank (are commercially unfavorable criteria and do not contribute to yield) and closed-shells nuts. In pistachio, alternate bearing that may be a marketing problem is common with fruit production fluctuating between ‘on’ years of high yields and ‘off’ years of low yields. In Ahmad Aghaei alternate bearing severity is relative I= 0.7 but it has a heavy yield potential.

Humban Group as an Ahmad Aghaei Pistachios Exporter


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