Humban is premier, Saffron Supplier (as a Wholesale saffron suppliers) and Exporter. we have all kind of Saffrons for
wholesale saffron buyers.
From saffron bulk buy to bulk saffron powder we can supply it superior quality with daily worldwide saffron wholesale price.

Saffron’s classification and grading depends on picocrocine (flavor), safranal (aroma) and crocine (color). When these factors have a high number, that means that the saffron has a better quality.

What is Saffron Classification? Pure saffron is classified as the following:

Grade 1 or A+ or All Red: All red saffron that contains stigmas only. This is our 100% Premium Saffron.
Grade 2 or A or Thread: Contains the red stigmas and connected to the end part of the style that is yellow/ white in color.
Grade 3 or B or Tied bunch: Contains the red stigmas connected to the entire style.

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