Kalle Ghouchi | Kale Ghoochi | Jumbo Pistachio

Kale Ghoochi (Jumbo Pistachio)

Packaging : 10kg | 25kg | 50kg


This kind of pistachios is called as kalleh ghochi, that is the Jumbo type and it’s belong to Round Pistachios Family.

It’s also available in 20-22, 22-24, 24-26 sizes.

Kalle Ghouchi Pistachio, Kale Ghoochi Pistachio or  Jumbo Pistachio is one of the best pistachios varieties in Iran which is one of the most commercial and economical type in Iran. This type is classified from large pistachio cultivars to round or hazelnut varieties. Due to the large size of this pistachio, its export is of great economic value.

The popularity of Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio is due to its large nuts and good taste. It may be similar to Fandoghi (round) pistachio, but it is generally larger and has a heavier weight and therefore has a smaller number per kilo.

This kind of pistachios is called as kalleh ghochi, that is the Jumbo type and it’s belong to Round Pistachios Family.

Pistachios varieties

Specifications Kale Ghoochi (Jumbo Pistachio)

Pistachios, which many of us have known and loved, are the delicious tree nut, Pistachios were popu-lar for thousands of years in middle east where they grow and Nowadays, they have spread through-out the world and are used in all sorts of different cuisines and dishes, from entrees to desserts like ice cream.

Pistachio is known as the “smiling nut” in Iran and the “happy nut” in China.

Pistachios are a great source of healthy fats, fiber, protein, antioxidants and various nutrients, includ-ing vitamin B6 and potassium.

Jumbo pistachios are larger and longer compared with round pistachios. As its name suggests, this type is big and round and has its own special flavor.

The detailed specifications of Jumbo Pistachio is shown in the table below:

ShapeJumbo Round
TypeNaturally Opened
FlavorRaw, Roasted, Roasted and Salted
SmellNaturally pistachio’s aroma without foreign odor
Total size18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 24/26
Regular size22-24, 24-26
For raw pistachio5-7%
For Roasted & Salted pistachio2-3%
Shelf Life and Storage Condition24 month, Keep in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight
Harvesting timeSeptember & October
Chemical/Artificial AdditivesNo, completely natural and healthy, GMO Free, Gluten-Free
Packing type in bulk10kg Vacuumed carton, 25kg, 50kg pp bags
Consumer Packingfrom 100g to 1000g in different kind of packing

Applications of Jumbo Pistachio

Pistachios used directly as a snack or mixed with other nuts, also they can be used as a great super healthy ingredient in foods recipes, confectionery, bakery, different desserts, Ice cream and etc.

Kale Ghuchi Pistachio

This type of Pistachio is the most delicious type among all the pistachios. The reason why it is tastier than the others is it is fattier.  The color of the Jumbo Pistachio shell is naturally light cream. As it is clear from its name, it has one of the largest kernels and producers categorize it as extra-large pistachio.

Iranian Jumbo Pistachio | Kale Ghuchi Pistachio

Iranian Jumbo Pistachio | Kale Ghuchi Pistachio : This type of Pistachio is the most delicious type among all the pistachios. The reason why it is tastier than the other type of pistachio is that it is fattier.  The color of the Jumbo Pistachio shell is naturally light cream. As it is clear from its name, it has one of the largest kernels and producers categorize it as extra-large pistachio. This type of pistachio (Iranian Jumbo Pistachio | Kale Ghuchi Pistachio) is most similar to California pistachios. Also. it is one of the high demand pistachios in Iran`s Market.

The name “Kaleghouchi” in Farsi means the head of the animal Ovis Orientalis. Because this pistachio looks like the rams head.

A normal sort of Kaleghouchi pistachio:

  • up to 7% moisture
  • Max 2% close mouth pistachios
  • Max 2.5% Semi-open pistachios

Farmers grow pistachios in provinces that have a proper climate for pistachios, such as KermanKhorasanYazdMarkazi or cities like Damghan.

The harvest season for new crop is late September until Mid- October each year. So, we suggest booking your order for the new crop and contact us in the first weeks of September.

Our Pistachio customers are from all over the world. Such as Malaysia, India, China, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, etc. They import pistachios in shell mostly for direct use and mixing it with other nuts.


Humban Company is a  wholesaler, manufacturer (producer), supplier, and exporter of Pistachios. We supply below sizes of Jumbo Pistachios:

  1. 20-22 pieces/ounce (pcs/oz)
  2. 22-24 pieces/ounce (pcs/oz)
  3. 24-26 pieces/ounce (pcs/oz)

We can offer all the above sizes in five forms:

  • Raw
  • Roasted and Salted
  • Roasted and Salted with lemon and saffron flavored
  • Only Roasted no salt
  • Salt Powdered

Producers categorize pistachios in two different types as well which is more technical:

  1. Naturally Open Pistachios: pistachios grow on trees. If farmers leave the pistachios on the tree so that their kernels grow enough to crack open the hard shell, it will be naturally opened. In other words without any outside force. So, in other words, the shell opens on its own as the pistachio nut grows. This type is more expensive than the Mechanically opened pistachios.
  2. Mechanically Opened Pistachios: if the farmers harvest the pistachios before their kernels mature enough to crack open the shells, their shell is closed. As a result, the kernels of this type are smaller than the first category. Then, producers with the help of machines and some Technics, open the shells mechanically.

We can supply 100% natural pistachios, or 100% mechanical pistachios. Also we can supply a combination of both. it depends on the customer`s inquiry.

To Clarify, Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Kaleghouchi Pistachios is 3-5 Tons. It depends on the transportation form the customer chooses.

Packing weights, we supply are as below:

  • 50 kg Sack
  • 25 kg Sack
  • we can arrange other packing types per customer`s request


Exporters can load and ship Iranian Jumbo Pistachio | Kale Ghuchi Pistachio in 20 ft. and 40 ft. Dry containers. For your information we mentioned the loading capacity of containers as below:

  • 20 ft. Container: up to 13 Tons
  • 40 ft. Container: up to 25 Tons

Shelf life: One year after the production date.

Keeping condition: Users can keep these pistachios at room temperature. A room which has good air ventilation and it is free of dust. However, In our professional opinion, it is better to keep them in the Refrigerator which is cool (below 5 Centigrade) and dry with proper air ventilation.

Production Time: It depends on your needed quantity and packing type. So, It can vary between 15-25 working days.

For the Specification Report of Iranian Jumbo Pistachio | Kale Ghuchi Pistachio, please Contact Us. Also, please contact us if you have any questions regarding Kaleghouchi Pistachio. 

Kale Ghoochi Pistachio (Iranian jumbo pistachio) large and tasty!

Kale Ghoochi pistachio (Iranian jumbo pistachio) is a large, luxurious and jumbo cultivar of pistachio. Although the originality of Kaleh Ghochi pistachio goes back to Rafsanjan, in recent years, very good transplants have been made from Kalle Ghouchi pistachio trees in Khorasan province, especially Sabzevar city. The soil, water and atmospheric conditions of this region have led to the production of quality products in terms of taste and size.

In Humban Group, we offer you the best quality of this Iranian pistachio variety.

The first introduction of Kale Ghoochi (Sharifi) cultivar to Iran

Ali Sharifi was introduced Kale Ghoochi for the first time in Dehno village located in Rafsanjan.

Why do consumers choose Kale Ghoochi?

Kale Ghoochi is widespread in both Rafsanjan and Kerman. It has the most cultivated land in Iran after Fandoghi. Its high yield productions and large fruits are the main reasons for its popularity. Kale Ghouchi has very large nuts as well as a good yield and has attracted some interest in some countries because of its nut size and good split percentage. It is also round-shaped with a light green kernel. When you choose to buy our jumbo pistachios in bulk, you can expect to enjoy the best Iranian pistachios. That is our assurance of quality to you.

Learning more together about Kale Ghoochi trees

In Kale Ghuchi alternate bearing severity is medium but it has a heavy yield potential. A comparison between four major Iranian commercial pistachios regarding the chilling requirements indicates that Kalle-Quchi accumulates a minimum amount of chilling. Generally, it requires about 600 accumulated hours of chilling. Although, Kale Ghoochi has outstanding commercial properties, due to early flowering, is the most sensitive variety to spring frosts.

Also, it is sensitive to water and nutrients shortage which causing sunburn and die-back. It has a clearer habit growth compared with Fandoghi, with stronger and thicker branches. It fruits on the third year after grafting.

Appearances indicate Kale Ghoochi’s high susceptibility to plant diseases in specifically the Phyllis and mites of pistachio trees.

Kalleh Ghouchi has the most fruit deformity and early splitting and has the least irregular splitting. This cultivar has medium tree vigor and spreading growth habit.

Kale Ghoochi presents weak apical dominance compared to Fandoghi; Internodes length is shorter and Flower buds are spherical and larger than Fandoghi.

Kalle Ghouchi produces excessive vegetative growth on mature trees under Rafsanjan management conditions. It tends to produce many long ‘whips’ and ‘hanger’ branches on which a considerable fraction of the fruit is borne. Vigorous vegetative growth results in low hanging branches that may need to be removed before harvest.

Stunning stage

Beginning to bloom in Kale Ghuochi is earlier than Fandoghi and seems like the earliest flowering cultivar among four commercial varieties. So it is sometimes exposed to damaging spring frosts.

Delightful leaves

The percentage of simple leaves is more than Ahmad AghaeiAkbari or Fandoghi but three-leaflets are less. It has a flattened egg-shaped terminal leaflet with a darker color than Fandoghi’s ones. 

Kernel growing and Fruit ripening

The maturity date of Kale Ghouchi cultivar is on 25 June and the ripening time is at the beginning of September. Under Rafsanjan’s condition, the blooming will begin on 1 April and lasts for 13 days. 

Nut and cluster specifications

The length of the cluster is shorter than Fandoghi. In other words, it has medium nut clusters with a high percentage of split nuts.

Let’s know more about the size of this large nut

At the maturation of jumbo pistachios, the color of the hull is red grey. The dried weight is more than Fandoghi pistachio. The average length and width of the dried nut are 20.13, 12.84 mm respectively. The length to width ratio is 1.6 which resulting in having larger nuts compared to Fandoghi variety but still belonging to the spherical (hazelnut shape) pistachios.

Some important specifications of Kale Ghoochi variety

  1. Beginning of flowering: 28 March
  2. Full blooming: 11 April
  3. Length of flowering period: 13 days
  4. Cluster rachis length: 10.4 cm
  5. Cluster rachis diameter: 8.2 mm
  6. Number of primary branches: 9.9
  7. Fruit cluster shape: Medium
  8. Ripening time: Late ripen early September
  9. Alternate bearing intensity: Medium I=0.55
  10. Nut weight (one ounce): 20-22/28.3 g.
  11. Hull splitting: Present
  12. Nut shape: Round (hazelnut shape)
  13. Kernel shape: Ellipsoid
  14. Shell color: White-greyish

Nut opening

  1. Shell splitting position: At midpoint of suture
  2. Shell splitting rate: 2.55 mm
  3. Shell top distance to kernel: 1.93 mm
  4. Kernel color: Dorsal Grey red
  5. Ventral: Yellow green
  6. Inside: Light green

Marketing characteristics

  1. Trading: Suitable for export
  2. Used as rootstock: In some cases
  3. Nut dropping at maturity: very low
  4. Fat rate: 49.45%
  5. Protein rate: 20.25%
  6. Susceptible to pest: Yes, Aganoscena pistaciae

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