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Fresh & Semi Fresh

bulk : 5kg | 10kg
Consumer Pack : 550 g

These types of Iranian dates are soft and wet with 15-35% moisture. These oval shape dates are brown to black color. They are Delicate and rich flavour, with notes of caramel. Our customers are amazed by the sweet and soft melting of this special date. Mazafati date grows in Kerman province (Bam, Jiroft, Kahnouj, Hajiabad, Tabas). Harvested every single year & No preservatives or chemical additives are added. The dates are cost-free from glucose and not heat treated generating it a fresh, raw, qualitative item. This type of date is full of vitamin B and loaded with needed daily energy. Meanwhile, because of its black color, it is popular in European countries. The size of the Mazafati Date is between 2.5 – 4.5 cm and the harvest time is in the middle of August.

Mazafati Dates premium quality

About Mazafati Dates

Mazafati Dates is one of the delightful and delicious soft Dates among Muslims around the world. It is famous as Rotab. Recently other countries are interested in this type of Date too. It must be kept in cool climate warehouses. This type of Date has the highest content of moisture between other types

Assorted Premium Dates Collection From Middle East

Mazafati dates, can be considered as one of the most delicious types of dates in the world. This date is originally stored as Rotab in cold stores and it is better to mention it as Mazafati Rotab.

Most people who consume this date usually tend to consume it again.

Most foreign customers in the field of exports also buy these dates. You can also have a look at the export of Mazafati dates.

The most ideal color for this type of date is black. The optimum moisture content of this type of date varies between 14% to 36% depending on the harvest time and the cultivated area.

Most of the areas where this crop is grown are Bam city and Jiroft city and surrounding villages Narmashir, Barvat in Kerman Province. The quality of Mazafati dates that are planted in Bam is not comparable to other places where it is planted.

After harvesting and stacking in suitable cartons for consumption, these types of dates are stored in large cold storages, most of which are created in Bam, at a temperature between -5 to 5 degrees Celsius. The most common type of arrangement of this date for domestic consumption and even export is in three-row boxes or so-called 3-row or 2-row cartons, and twelve boxes are arranged in each mother carton. The most ideal weight for domestic use is weights between 8 kg to 10 kg.

In this weight, Mazafati dates have a suitable quality and good syrup, and on the contrary to domestic consumption, for export, weights between 6.5 and 7.5 are used, which are mostly used due to their low syrup and suitable storage conditions.

Unique features of Mazafati dates

This date is mostly related to the name of Rotab and many people know it as Rotab. Many dates have their own name, but in many parts of Iran, Mazafati dates are only called the word Rotab, which is interesting in its kind.

The color that people like for this date and many buyers prefer, is black and even dark black affects the sales of this product. However, this date is also available in brown and dark brown, because this date is red in the first stage to reach itself, and it is interesting to know that it turns black as it grows.

The nature of dates is warm and most people who have a cold temperament for whom they have problems can use these dates as a medicine and in addition to their properties for their body as a medicine for physical health.

Many dates can be stored outdoors, but the storage conditions of these dates are unique and it is recommended that you store these dates in the refrigerator for home consumption and whenever you want to eat, take that date out of the refrigerator an hour earlier and then eat it.

Bam Mazafati dates have some moisture. But the presence of moisture in this date has added a property to this date that has made Mazafati dates in the category of food products, which is also significant in its kind.

Classification of the date by type:

  • Dried Date: It refers to a ripe date which moisture is below 15%
  • Semi Dried Date: It refers to a ripe date with the moisture between 15% to 18%
  • Fresh Date: It refers to a ripe date with the moisture between 18% to 35%


Nutritional value and important properties of Mazafati dates

This date has a large amount of potassium in its natural structure, which can be considered as a medicine for diarrhea.

Dates also have high iron content and natural sugar, which is good for the body. It is interesting to know that most of the sale of Mazafati dates is done inside the country during the holy month of Ramadan, because in this month, many compatriots fast according to Islamic customs and experience a drop in energy and blood sugar during the day. During Eftar, substances should be consumed that quickly restore the lost energy and sugar to the body. Therefore, Mazafati dates are a very suitable and useful food for this purpose.

Mazafati dates in the refrigerator and storage should be in good condition and in accordance with the relevant standards that do not cause the date to rot. In addition, the value of Mazafati dates is provided to the body when these dates are kept in good condition until they reach the consumer and the dates do not lose their properties.

Also, today, due to busy schedules, many people do not even have the right time to eat lunch during the day, and dates can be a good alternative for this job.

Transportation of Mazafati dates and reaching the customer

Late summer in Bam is the time to harvest Mazafati dates. After harvesting in Bam, these dates are stored and packaged and transported to other parts of the country by basic and standard transportation methods, either by land or by air.

After many years and also the existence of various dates in Iran and the world, this date is one of the most consumed and popular dates in the country, so it is necessary to have proper packaging during storage and in addition to the quality of dates, the appearance of dates be suitable.

Suitable refrigerators for storing dates must have proper ventilation system, proper washing area as well as standard classification. Because these dates must be stored in very special conditions. Rooms equipped with methyl gas for disinfection should also be available.

Mazafati dates have different qualities. Factors such as the size of the date, the amount of syrup in the date packaging, which can be natural or artificial, the appearance of the date, which must be dark black, the lack of impact and crushing, as well as the mixing of dates, including factors affecting the price of this type of date.

Mazafati date harvest season:
Harvest time of Mazafati dates starts from the end of August to the middle of October.

Some Varieties of Dates


If you are craving for something sweet, crispy outside and soft inside, why don’t you try dates instead of stuffing your stomach with the high-calorie snacks or unhealthy desserts? This dark fruit has been known from very long time ago for the rich nutritional content and great health benefits.

Studies shows that there is no reason for not eating dates daily because they are packed with a huge list of nutrition, Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals. It’s also a good source of energy, sugar and fiber. Essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc can be found in dates. It also contains vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K.

About 400 varieties of dates are cultivated in Iran, but only few of them are commercially important and their tastes compose the major kinds, and Mazafati Date is one of them.

The detailed specifications of Mazafati Date is shown in the table below:

ColorDark brown to Black
Moisture20% – 28% (different moisture range per clients request)
TextureNaturally soft
SmellNaturally date’s aroma without foreign odor
FlavorNaturally sweet dates taste without foreign taste
Harvesting TimeOctober
Chemical AdditivesNo, GMO Free, Gluten-Free
Shelf Life and Storage Condition24 month, Keep in cold and dry place, away from direct sunlight
Packaging in bulk5kg
Consumer Packing600g boxes + or – 10%

Applications of Mazafati Date

Date is a sweet and versatile fruit that can be used directly as a super healthy snack or mixed with other nuts to include in your diet, they can be used along with drinks like tea, coffee & milk and also can be used in salads, smoothies, oatmeal, desserts, cakes & confectionary, bakeries and many other kinds of dishes.

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