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Kali Dates, Kalute dates or Kalote dates is one of the humid or semi-humid dates in Iran and has relatively moderate sap. Dates have a soft meaty texture and are easily chewed in the mouth. Originally red in color, it resembles a lot in dates. It also has good quality, and is one of the most important commercial varieties, especially export of Clout dates in Iran.

Harvesting begins at the beginning of September. In fact, from the beginning of September until the end of September, it is time to pick or reach these dates. In southern cities of Iran, dates are also harvested well. Many of these cities’ cultivated lands are also from the Clutha dates. Of course, if you name the dates in the southern cities by other names, such as the dates of Clout or Crete, don’t be surprised. Apart from Jiroft, the dates of Anbar Abad region are also of good quality and they are considered to be first class date palms.

Iranian Kalote Dates
Palm date palm is a type of tall palm trees and there are Kalote dates trees in Kerman province and especially in Jiroft region. It takes about 7 to 10 years from planting to loading time. Fortunately, the quality of these products is so good that it has been well-known amongst its domestic and foreign peoples and is considered one of the best-selling varieties of dates in Iran.
Today, all date palettes are sold in different packages in many Iranian cities and in the Persian Gulf countries and some European and American countries are also customers of these dates.
The palate has a rough appearance similar to the Mazafati dates, except that its texture is slightly stiffer.
Due to its high quality and relatively reasonable price, Kalote dates always have a good domestic and international market. As one of the most important export dates of Iran date. These dates are marketed in bulk or in bulk. And the most important thing in presenting and supplying Kalote dates is the quality of this kind.
The date palm is very warm in nature, which is why it is very suitable for people who are cold-tempered. This date is one of the most valuable economically and commercially available dates in Iran and is also recognized as one of the most important agricultural products in Iran.
The diversity of date palm trees is high as in most of the date palm regions of Iran palmita palms are found and in each region the species are slightly different. This difference is due to the shape and size of these dates.

The dates vary from 2.5 to 3.5 cm in height, depending on the location of harvest. Generally, the moisture content of date palm varied between 22% and 14%, again depending on the climatic conditions of the crop and harvest time and the quality of date palm.

The taste of date palette is excellent. That is why it is well known among the people. These dates, along with the Mazafati dates in the holy month of Ramadan, are the best selling. For this reason, its price is slightly higher in the holy month of Ramadan than in other seasons.

The soft, crunchy texture of this date palm makes it easy to name a nutritious snack. Because in addition to its good meat, it has as many minerals and vitamins as one of the richest dates.

These dates are mid-date palms. It is also one of the largest dates in Iran. And it has a hard core that doesn’t get too sticky with meat. The fruit cap is usually separated from the nucleus.

Kali date is very important and popular in domestic market and export. These dates are also called Kalute.

Kali Date Specification
Name: Kaliteh & Kaloute
Color: Black – Brown
Description: Long, Oval, Soft, Thin, Meaty, Fully-cling to the flesh, 3 – 5 cm
Moisture: 14-17 %
Taste: Sweet with suitable sugar
Shelf Life: At 0 – 5 ° C temperature and cellophane & plastic about 12 – 18 Months.
Quality: Sorted, Cleaned & Semi-waxed (At customer request)
Shipment: Dry or reefer container
Place of Origin: Iran

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